Finally! After two typhoons and tons of Email back-and-forth, we give you Diana Wang!


We arrived early when she was still rehearsing. Her voice drag us right in when we were passing through the hallway. She has the power to hit those high nodes along with the guitarist by her side. She was confident and comfortable enough to have everybody staring at her from all angles around the stage. If I was her I would choked and my voice will probably stumbled LoL :p


No doubt! She shall be proud of her powerful vocal range and talents. Enough about that, allow me to be shallow for a minute. She looks HOT!!! Diana put on a different outfits and wore her hair down, it was an image which distinct from her album. Judging by the acute reactions coming from the animals ...... I meant male audiences :p I think everybody would agree on that! She is adorable.

Diana & Russ, Russ : "OMG! I feel like a big star!"



Everybody was curious about how Diana adapting to live in Taiwan. Knowing that Diana was born and raised in Netherlands, and she has only been back to Taiwan for 3 years now. She shared an enthralling incident fighting over a cockroach, and how she becoming a cockroach-terminator on the internet. Some of the bloggers from PTT suggesting her browsing tips on BBS would have been a better choice. Of course everybody was curious about her second album. How is it gonna be like? Look like? Sound like? Diana is young and talented, she opens up to all possibilities. She's even willing to dance a little in the future. So let's be patient! See how she surprises us in her next album.


I don't like to strut, but hey this is a close take off Diana and I!:p To those jelly(Jealous) beans out there, please don't hit me LoL! Here's a behind scene story for those of you whoever is reading my blog, obviously you can tell I am blind from the picture. When I was about to take the picture with Diana, she gently held my elbow and stand right next to me and told me where the camera was. It might seem like a tiny reminder, but it shows how carrying a person she is. Before I left the stage, I told her how I really felt about her music: I really like your voice, and your first album shows diverse side of you. Diana responded with a positive energy and delight gratitude. I hope she will carry on with that attitude and explore more with herself and her music. And for those of you out there, who enjoys her voice & her music as much as I do. Please be supportive by purchasing a physical album or you can go online downloading digitalized music from KKBox, iTunes music or any other legally authorized platforms.

Again, I'm not from the label company or agency. I'm just a blind guy who enjoy singing and listening to good music. 


=雙向心測式MV=王詩安 Diana Wang - 你好嗎


王詩安 Diana Wang - 早熟 Too Young To Love


王詩安 Diana Wang - Hey Boy

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  • 小茉莉
  • OMG!
    這就是傳說中的Diana Ross嗎!!??
    我是說Diana RUSS! XD
  • 扁扁
  • 真是不錯聽耶!呵呵呵!
  • Jack&Wei
  • She's CUTE! But I don't know about her songs...