What is your definition of home? It seems like an essay question for the age of 5, or a crayon sketching out the red-roof with chimney on top. Apparently, it often takes us more than 5 years, 15 years, or 25 years above, and some might even take much longer to figure that out.

I used to recall my parents telling me that: "Son! As long as where we are at, that's where home is." When I was a bit older, I spent a lot of nights sleeping-over at my friends'. So I thought that's where my home is. When I enter college, I had countless nights staying up trying to finish report in my dorm room. And I thought that's where my home is. When I met my girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend to be precise! We moved into an apartment, had some great memories and built a life together. Back then I thought that's where my home is.

Now that I'm blind, where is my home? Where my home is? Ain't you worried you don't know where your home is? Ain't you worried you might not have a future to begin with? Ain't you worry you're never going to met someone special? To be frank, I don't know! Yes I am worry, yes I am panic, yes I'm nervous, I could have pee my pant right now ...... But I don't want to rush into anything. So this time I'm going to wait, to be patient, to be passionate until I find where my home is.


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